Essential SEO Manager Strategies in 2023: How to Excel in Your Role

By Michael J. Sammut

seo, online analysis, community managerThe role of an SEO manager is multifaceted, necessitating an understanding of advanced SEO techniques, effective teamwork, and staying ahead of industry trends. This comprehensive guide serves as your toolbox for 2023, equipping you with essential knowledge and strategies to excel in your role.

Collaborating with Freelancers Versus Onboarding Full-Time Staff

SEO management calls for making critical decisions like collaborating with freelancers or onboarding full-time employees. Both paths have unique benefits and drawbacks.

Engaging freelancers brings flexibility to project budgets and timelines. They come with specialized expertise, fitting for tasks that an in-house team may not handle optimally. However, finding the right freelancers can be time-consuming, and their availability may not be consistent.

Contrarily, an in-house SEO team promises consistency and ready availability. Such a team is particularly beneficial for organizations with complex SEO needs demanding continual attention. The challenges, however, include higher costs due to salaries and benefits and limited flexibility.

Analyzing your organization’s resources, timelines, and budget can guide the best action.

Leveraging Vendor Services for Efficiency

Vendor services are essential to efficient SEO management. You can focus on crucial areas like client relations and on-page enhancements by outsourcing specific tasks to vendors. Vendors specialize in specific SEO areas like link-building and keyword research, enabling them to deliver expertly and swiftly.

Outsourcing also presents a cost-effective approach. Instead of hiring full-time staff with associated long-term commitments, you can flexibly engage vendors based on project demands.

Harnessing AI While Retaining Human Insight

Balancing artificial intelligence (AI) with human input yields optimal SEO results. AI is excellent for rapid tasks like content briefing, keyword identification, and meta optimization. However, humans’ industry experience and deep understanding of customer needs and market trends are irreplaceable, particularly in content creation and strategy formulation.

You can design and implement effective SEO strategies efficiently and precisely by combining AI and human skills.

Updating Website Architecture Intelligently

Striking a balance between updating your website architecture too frequently and too rarely is crucial. Regular updates ensure relevance and fast loading speeds, while too frequent changes can confuse users and lead to poor engagement. Regularly assessing your website’s architecture can ensure the optimal balance is maintained.

Exploring Beyond Basics in Enterprise-Level SEO

Enterprise-level SEO calls for comprehensive strategies. This includes architecture mapping, solid keyword strategies, competitor data analysis, backlinking, and timely content delivery. Regular audits and performance tracking will also keep your clients’ websites competitive. An enterprise-level approach is beneficial even for local client websites.

monitor screengrabUtilizing Backlinks for PR Wins

Leveraging backlinks can significantly boost your brand’s visibility and authority. By identifying and targeting industry influencers, you can ensure backlinks to your content from their platforms, boosting your reach. Track all incoming links to measure your campaigns’ success and refine strategies over time.

Evaluating SEO Success with Relevant Metrics

Assessing your SEO success calls for a keen eye on relevant metrics. Go beyond surface-level statistics and focus on KPIs that accurately mirror your SEO campaigns’ progress. Track your organic website traffic, search engine rankings, engagement metrics, conversions, and other KPIs to understand your overall SEO performance.

Teaming Up with Content, Design, and Development Teams

Building close relationships with content, design, and development teams can enhance SEO success.

When collaborating with content teams, discuss keyword research and optimization strategies, offer feedback, and ensure they comprehend SEO workings.

In your interactions with design teams, establish open communication, stay abreast of their updates, and ensure your sites are mobile-optimized.

Working with Development Teams

Engaging closely with development teams is crucial for successful SEO. Ensure the developers understand the SEO implications of their work, such as site structure, loading speed, and mobile optimization. Regularly convey the SEO requirements and be ready to provide insights into any changes in SEO best practices.

Adapting to Algorithm Changes

Search engine algorithms, significantly Google’s, are frequently updated, and these changes can significantly impact your SEO strategies. As an SEO manager, you must keep abreast of these changes and adjust your strategies accordingly. Use reliable SEO news sources and communities for this purpose.

Mastering Core Web Vitals

Core Web Vitals have become a critical factor in Google’s ranking algorithm. They represent a set of specific factors that Google considers essential in a webpage’s overall user experience. These include loading performance, interactivity, and the visual stability of content. Mastering these metrics and ensuring your sites perform well in these areas can significantly improve your SEO performance.

digital marketing, seo, googleEmbracing New SEO Tools

The SEO industry continuously evolves, and new tools are consistently being developed. Stay updated about these advancements and adopt those that can improve productivity and results.

Continuous Learning and Professional Development

The world of SEO changes rapidly, so continuous learning and professional development are critical. Participate in webinars, take online courses, attend SEO conferences, and follow industry leaders on social media to keep up with the latest trends and techniques.


As an SEO manager, you must juggle various tasks, from team coordination to staying on top of SEO trends and algorithm changes. The strategies mentioned above can help you excel in your role, drive your clients’ success, and carve out a successful career in SEO management. Remember, the key is adaptability and the willingness to learn and evolve.

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