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Hey there! I'm Michael J. Sammut, the brain behind Four Eyes Productions. Let me take you on a little journey – it all started in a quirky corner of New York City called DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass). Picture this: the Manhattan Bridge overhead, cobblestone streets, and a bunch of creative minds buzzing with ideas. That's where Four Eyes was born.

In those early days, I had the fortune of teaming up with Sara K. Schwittek, a co-founder whose creativity and vision were instrumental in shaping Four Eyes. Together, we laid the foundation for a digital solutions powerhouse. Sara's flair for design and a keen eye for detail helped set the tone for the innovative and dynamic spirit that Four Eyes embodies today.

Fast forward to now, and we've spread our wings to Charlotte. But don't worry, we keep that DUMBO creative spirit with us.

We're not your average digital solutions agency. We're digital wizards, turning your online dreams into reality.

So, what's in our galaxy of digital solutions?

  • Web Design & Development: We don't just build websites; we engineer digital realms. Picture this as your virtual universe, always on, constantly engaging, drawing in customers, and looking stellar across all devices.

  • Web Application Programming: Facing a complex challenge? No problem is too big for our crew. Our web applications are the multi-tools of the digital universe – adaptable, efficient, and ready to tackle any mission.

  • Conversion and Marketing Funnels: Think of us as your digital navigators. We chart the course, guiding your website visitors through a journey that leads them straight to falling for your brand and, naturally, making purchases.

  • Consulting: Do you need a digital strategy? Consider me your personal guide through the vast expanse of the online galaxy. I'm armed with insights and ready to plot a course to your success.

  • Training: Ready to boost your digital prowess? Our training sessions are both enlightening and engaging, more Starfleet Academy than the old-school classroom.

  • ChatGPT Prompt Engineering: Join us as we harness the power of AI, your digital co-pilot. We'll infuse your website with advanced AI interactions, captivating your audience like never before.

Why choose Four Eyes Productions?

We've got the creative spark of the industry's most innovative thinkers, Silicon Valley's finest technical prowess, and the strategic understanding of top-tier business experts.

At Four Eyes, we're not just about giving your website a fresh coat of paint; we're here to turbocharge its performance. We're the complete package – a fusion of imaginative design, cutting-edge technical expertise, and sophisticated business acumen.

A Few Esteemed Clients:

  • Charity Navigator: Leading the way in philanthropic transparency and insight.
  • Camp North End: Transforming spaces into vibrant, creative hubs.
  • Nucor: Pioneering the future of steel production and innovation.
  • Small World Vacations: Crafting magical travel experiences for families and adventurers.
  • Roof Above: Providing shelter and hope, building a better community.
  • Interact Studio: Enhancing communication skills for impactful storytelling.
  • Yoganatomy: Blending the art of yoga with the science of anatomy.

So, are you ready to elevate your digital presence from ordinary to extraordinary?

Reach out! Let's create something incredible together.

Michael J. Sammut - Four Eyes Productions

Michael J. Sammut, Code Commander
Four Eyes Productions

Meet Michael: The Guitar-Strumming, Code-Crunching Maestro of Four Eyes Productions

Meet Michael J. Sammut – the digital maestro with a heart of code and a soul of rock 'n' roll. Hailing from New York's bustling streets, Michael's been weaving his web magic for over 26 years, making the digital world a little more human, one website at a time.

Michael's journey through the digital landscape is as diverse as it is impressive. He's been the brains behind the screen, serving as an informational analyst for the government – think digital Sherlock Holmes. Then, he switched gears to become an information security consultant for J.P. Morgan, where he was like a digital James Bond, minus the tuxedo.

But Michael isn't just about bits and bytes. He also has severe chops with St. John’s and Columbia University graduate degrees. He's the kind of guy who can discuss quantum mechanics and HTML in the same breath.

Michael lives a life that could fill a novel when he's not busy untangling the web or decrypting the digital world. Strumming his guitar, he gets your foot tapping. Dive a little deeper (literally), and you'll find him exploring the ocean's mysteries as an adventurous diver. Back on land, he's a theoretical physics enthusiast, always ready to ponder the mysteries of the universe. And to fuel all these adventures? A robust espresso brewed perfectly because life's too short for bad coffee.

Michael J. Sammut isn't just the founder of Four Eyes Productions; he's a testament that you get something extraordinary when you blend passion, expertise, and a dash of fun.