Navigating the WordPress Admin UI Revamp: Enhance Your Web Experience

By Michael J. Sammut

As WordPress readies itself to celebrate two decades of operations, it’s setting the stage for a significant renovation of its Admin User Interface (UI). This move is gathering extensive support from the developer community. This update is an essential part of the third phase of the roadmap, named Collaboration, and aims to enhance the WordPress experience on multiple levels significantly.

Building on the success of Gutenberg

WordPress has always focused on continuous improvement, which is no more evident than in the massive success of the Gutenberg project. This block editor design underpinned an admin frame acting as a shell encapsulating content in a zoomed state. It allowed easy and fluid navigation, reducing the need for users to keep backtracking to access different tools.

Now, taking a leaf out of Gutenberg’s book, the next step involves bringing a similar fluidity and ease to the entire admin UI. Matías Ventura, the lead architect for Gutenberg, recently shared the plans for the admin design revamp.


  • A significant revamp of the WordPress Admin User Interface (UI) is on the horizon.
  • The update is an essential part of the Collaboration phase in the roadmap.
  • The new design aims to bring more fluidity to the entire admin UI.
  • The revamp also creates a more robust, efficient, and flexible system.
  • The design focuses on catering to WordPress sites with large volumes of data.
  • Developers look forward to a modern UI that simplifies their tasks.
  • A standardized set of UI components will significantly simplify extension development.
  • The developer community’s support for the revamp has been overwhelming.
  • The exact designs for this ambitious project are yet to be unveiled.
  • The revamp signifies a critical juncture in WordPress’ journey, strengthening its position as the leading CMS platform.

wordpress, marketing, rocketEnlightening the Developer Community with an Extensible Design System

The Admin UI revamp is not merely an aesthetic exercise. It is also about creating a more robust, efficient, and flexible system. A crucial aspect of the new design will be its extensibility, allowing developers to leverage its capabilities for varied applications.

As illustrated above, the core of WordPress will empower a set of design primitives. These will feed into a UI component system that, in turn, will influence both the Admin UI and plugin development. This system will benefit dense environments like the editor and other areas requiring more focus and clarity.

Tackling Long-Standing Interface Problems

While welcoming the proposed revamp, developers are also optimistic about resolving some long-standing issues with the interface. One point of contention has been the lack of control over top-level menus and unregulated admin notices, often misused by plugin developers.

The revamp is expected to address these issues, paving the way for a more controlled and standardized notification system, thereby significantly reducing the pollution of the UI. It promises to align APIs, describe capabilities semantically, and offer precise levels of controls for plugins and users.

Enhancing Usability for Sites with Large Data

The new design also caters to WordPress sites with a large volume of data, including posts, pages, categories, menus, and comments. Such sites pose unique challenges and often overwhelm simpler UI designs. Addressing functional gaps, facilitating bulk editing operations, and ensuring easy navigation are essential design aspects that this revamp aims to cover.

Encouraging Developer Participation

The developer community’s support for this revamp has been overwhelming. Developers look forward to a modern UI that simplifies their tasks while minimizing the need for page refreshes. A standardized set of UI components will significantly facilitate extension development for WordPress, leading to less confusion and a more consistent user experience.

As a WordPress developer, Mike McAlister mentions, “This gives me great optimism about securing the next 20 years of WordPress’s success. Standardized design patterns for the admin will address the UI/UX headache with plugin and theme developers creating their own experiences inside WordPress.”

What’s Next for WordPress Admin UI?

While the exact designs for this ambitious project are yet to be unveiled, Ventura has shared a glimpse of the light version of the admin concept. This brief peep into the proposed plan has generated considerable excitement within the developer community.

Ventura clarifies that this document is merely an outline of the admin design project and will be followed by more detailed design explorations in the future. This endeavor signifies a critical juncture in WordPress’ journey, underlining its commitment to deliver a more powerful, intuitive, and delightful experience to its user base, strengthening its position as the leading CMS platform.

The vibrant developer community’s widespread support underscores their collective optimism about WordPress’s future and readiness to contribute to this exciting new chapter. Only time will tell how this ambitious UI revamp will further revolutionize the WordPress experience.

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