QuickGuide: Understanding Web Analytics: Measuring Site Performance

By Michael J. Sammut

Web analytics is essential in understanding and improving website performance. This article explores the fundamentals of web analytics and how they can be used to measure and enhance site effectiveness.

Key Aspects of Web Analytics

  1. Traffic Analysis: Understanding visitor traffic sources and patterns.
  2. Behavioral Insights: Analyzing user behavior to optimize site layout and content.
  3. Conversion Tracking: Measuring the effectiveness of calls-to-action and marketing efforts.
  4. User Engagement Metrics: Evaluating time spent on site and interaction levels.
  5. Bounce Rate Analysis: Identifying and addressing pages with high bounce rates.
  6. Custom Event Tracking: Monitoring specific actions taken by users.
  7. Segmentation of Data: Breaking down analytics data for more targeted insights.
  8. Real-Time Monitoring: Observing live user activity for immediate insights.
  9. Regular Reporting: Setting up automated reports for consistent analysis.
  10. Continuous Improvement: Using data to make informed decisions for website enhancements.

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Four Eyes’ Web Analytics Services

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  • Custom event tracking and data segmentation.

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