Advanced WordPress Development: JetEngine vs. Toolset

By Michael J. Sammut

In WordPress development and web design, web developers must go beyond basics and acquire advanced skills to take their craft to the next level. That’s where advanced tools like JetEngine and Toolset come into play, taking your javascript development skills to the next level by enhancing specific skills. This knowledgebase article compares these two leading solutions for web developers, helping you plan and make an informed decision for your next project.

Whether it’s about creating engaging themes for advanced WordPress users, publishing content efficiently on your blog, managing membership plans with WordPress plugins, or revolutionizing your web development workflow, these tools can potentially enhance your process. But which one fits your needs better? Let’s find out in this detailed comparison tutorial.

Specifications/Features JetEngine Toolset
Works with Elementor editor Yes Not specified
Works with Gutenberg block editor Yes Not specified
Works with Bricks editor Yes Not specified
Custom post types, taxonomies, and fields Advanced WordPress users can use custom content types to save metadata to one table, taxonomy to group post types, and custom fields to add metadata to post types. They can also use a meta box to create custom field storage for various topics, themes, and websites. Yes, Toolset sets up custom post types, taxonomies, and fields for WordPress themes, a skill often essential for web developers.
Front-end content display Not specified Yes, including designing templates for content and archive pages
Front-end content creation forms Not specified Yes, Toolset, a popular tool among web developers, allows you to build front-end forms for creating and editing content and users on your WordPress website, showcasing your skills.
Custom searches Not specified Yes, visitors can find WordPress topics on your website based on fields, taxonomy, and relationship skills.
Access control and custom roles management Not specified Yes, Toolset, a popular developer program, lets you add custom roles and control their privileges with your WordPress skills.
Display tutorials for developers on using javascript skills to display anything as markers on Google Maps or Azure Maps. Not specified Yes, Toolset Maps, a website with tutorials, allows developers to display any skills on a Google or Azure map.
WordPress courses include all the fields that belong to the website content, enhancing your skills. Not specified Yes, displayed with your HTML styling
WordPress developers use forms to validate inputs and send email notifications when submitting forms on a website, as seen in tutorials. Not specified Yes
Dynamic website structure toolkit Yes, WordPress developers include dynamic website features such as dynamic function, dynamic tag, shortcode, conditional logic, macros, glossary, functionality involving user behavioral data, users, terms, and posts relationships.

They use their skills in query builder for a consistent approach to the database and one interface for all query types. They also use AI to generate queries, tables builder & charts builder, a visualization tool for dynamic content, profile builder, REST API, and apply custom styles to Gutenberg blocks.

Not specified
Listing items development and exploration Yes, this WordPress blog includes Timber/Twig view type for developers listing items, location & distance filter for JetSmartFilters.

It also provides a JetEngine calendar module update, skills to develop listing items, and courses to explore listing grid layouts: Grid, Injections, Slider, Map, Calendar, Carousel.

Not specified
Options page to collect all options in one place Yes Not specified
No need for PHP writing Not specified Yes, Toolset plugins allow this
Blocks feature for visual design Not specified Yes


  • JetEngine vs Toolset: In-depth comparison for advanced WordPress development.
  • Compatibility with Editors: JetEngine works with Elementor, Gutenberg, and Bricks editors.
  • Dynamic Website Structure Toolkit: JetEngine offers a comprehensive toolkit for dynamic site structures.
  • Unique Features: JetEngine provides location & distance filters and AI-generated queries.
  • Custom Types Without Coding: Toolset allows adding custom types easily without PHP coding.
  • Front-End Content Display: Toolset offers customizable content display options.
  • Project-Specific Needs: Choose the tool that aligns with your project requirements.
  • User-Friendly Interfaces: Consider the ease of use of each tool.
  • Access Control and Role Management: Toolset excels in custom roles and privilege control.
  • Expert Guidance: Four Eyes offers expert guidance in effectively selecting and using these tools.

WordPress Development Comparison Breakdowns

JetEngine Features

JetEngine, a dynamic toolkit popular among WordPress developers, works with renowned editors like Elementor, Gutenberg block editor, and Bricks editor. It is often featured in tutorials aimed at enhancing skills. The WordPress website utilizes the Timber/Twig view type for listing items, a skill covered in our tutorials, and has a location & distance filter for JetSmartFilters.

WordPress also offers a calendar module update and custom post types to structure website content, which is beneficial for courses and developers. The custom content type in WordPress allows website developers to save metadata to one code table. You can group post types using taxonomy in WordPress while adding metadata to post types using custom fields. This process can be learned through tutorials and courses involving code.

JetEngine, a popular tool for WordPress Development, provides tutorials on meta boxes for creating custom field storage and courses on an options page that collects all website options in one place. WordPress allows you to develop website listing items and explore various listing grid layouts such as Grid, Injections, Slider, Map, Calendar, and Carousel through its courses and tutorials.

Moreover, this WordPress website offers dynamic features, including Dynamic function, Dynamic tag, Shortcode, etc., and functionalities involving user behavioral data. Additionally, it provides WordPress tutorials and courses.


JetEngine: Advanced WordPress Development

Compatibility With Various Editors

JetEngine shines in its compatibility with a range of editors, including WordPress. It’s useful for website tutorials and courses. It works seamlessly with Elementor, Gutenberg, and Bricks editors. Whether you’re a WordPress developer browsing our website or prefer the drag-and-drop interface of Elementor or the block-based approach of Gutenberg, JetEngine has got you covered with tutorials and courses.

Dynamic Website Structure Toolkit

One of the standout features of JetEngine in WordPress is its dynamic website structure toolkit, which is beneficial for tutorials and courses. This includes custom post types, taxonomies, and fields on the website which offer great flexibility for advanced WordPress development through our courses and tutorials.

Custom post types in web development tutorials allow developers to structure site content beyond WordPress courses’ standard posts and pages. WordPress tutorials and courses illustrate how taxonomies enable grouping of web post types based on shared characteristics. Custom fields in WordPress add metadata to these web post types, enhancing their functionality through courses and tutorials.

This toolkit empowers developers to create complex structures for their WordPress websites without needing deep knowledge about programming languages like Javascript through relevant tutorials and courses.

Unique Features

JetEngine doesn’t stop providing essential tools for WordPress backend web development; it also offers some unique features that set it apart from other plugins. This is evident in its distinctively beneficial web courses.

For instance, it introduces a WordPress web course feature a location & distance filter for JetSmartFilters. This feature allows users to search items on the web, particularly on WordPress, based on their proximity – a characteristic especially useful for businesses listing physical locations or offering courses and services.

Another interesting feature of WordPress web is AI-generated queries through its Query builder function. Using artificial intelligence to generate queries, JetEngine simplifies WordPress database management tasks for web developers while ensuring efficient performance.


Toolset: WordPress Development

Custom Types Without Coding

Toolset is a web resource that boosts your WordPress development skills. WordPress allows you to add custom web types without any PHP coding, which can save a lot of time and effort. This feature makes WordPress an excellent web tool for those with advanced skills and beginners who are still learning.

Front-End Content Display

With Toolset, you can customize how content is displayed on the WordPress web front end. You can design WordPress templates for web content and archive pages according to your needs or preferences. This flexibility in WordPress web display options lets you create a unique user experience.

Buying Guide

Consider your specific needs when choosing between JetEngine and Toolset for your WordPress project.  Both have unique features. Both are good for advanced WordPress development.

  • JetEngine works well with Elementor, Gutenberg, and Bricks editors. It’s a dynamic website structure toolkit. It has custom post types to structure site content. Also, you can develop listing items in various layouts like Grid, Slider, or Carousel using WordPress.
  • Toolset is a great WordPress feature if you don’t want to write PHP. You can add custom types without coding.

WordPress offers front-end content display options and custom searches based on fields and relationships. Budget constraints matter, too. Compare the pricing plans of both products before deciding. User-friendly interfaces enhance productivity. Look at the interface of each product carefully.

From my experience as a WordPress developer handbook follower, I found that JetEngine’s interface is more intuitive than Toolset’s within the WordPress environment. However, Toolset shines with its front-end forms feature. These WordPress forms include all fields related to the content with your HTML styling. Toolset also validates inputs and sends email notifications when submitting forms in WordPress. Another important point is access control and role management. Toolset for WordPress lets you add custom roles and control their privileges.


The article provides a detailed comparison between JetEngine and Toolset, two advanced tools for WordPress development, covering aspects like compatibility with various editors, dynamic website structure toolkit, unique features, and front-end content display. It emphasizes the importance of choosing the right tool based on specific project needs, highlighting JetEngine’s compatibility with Elementor, Gutenberg, and Bricks editors, and Toolset’s ease of use without PHP coding.

Four Eyes can guide businesses in selecting and utilizing these tools effectively, offering expertise in web design & development, web application programming, and other digital solutions to enhance WordPress development projects beyond what individual tools can achieve.

We’ve journeyed through the ins and outs of advanced WordPress development, diving deep into JetEngine and Toolset. You’ve seen the nitty-gritty details of WordPress, compared its features, and hopefully gained a clearer understanding of which tool, including WordPress, suits your needs best. Remember, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. It’s all about what WordPress works for you and your unique project.

So, what’s next? Get out there and start building! Experiment with these tools and see how they can transform your WordPress development process. And don’t forget to share your experiences. Your insights on WordPress could be the guiding light for someone else on this path. Happy developing!

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