What’s The Difference Between a Web Developer And a Web Designer?

By Michael J. Sammut

Since its invention, the internet has revolutionized the way that we do things. Nowadays you can find anything and everything with just a few clicks. Technology has become such an integral part of the world and most people tend to use the internet for at least a few tasks every day. This technological change has affected the marketplace as well. If a business wants to put themselves out there then they need a have an amazing website that shows their products or their services to the world.   

This is why companies need to invest in a professional web creator that is able to create a site that is flawless. But deciding who to pick can be a tricky task. There are two main options to choose from in this field, a web developer or a web designer. Both of these jobs can help you to build a site but they specialize in different things. So which one do you ultimately pick?  Well, you’re in the right place, because we’ll tell you everything that you need to know to make an informed decision.

What is a Web Developer?

The name for this job gives you a rough idea of what these professionals do. Web developers are the ones that will create a site and build it up. The way it works is that first, the web developer will look at everything in your company and ask you a few questions. These developers are responsible for creating everything on your site from scratch so they will try to gather as much information as they need. A developer will also take all of the rough drafts that you’ve made for your site and they’ll help you refine it. After they’re done creating the site, a web developer will work with you to ensure that any debugging that is needed is done.   

What Does a Web Designer do?

On the other hand, web designers are more focused on the overall design of the site. Their primary goal is to get the site running as smoothly as possible. They ensure that the site looks amazing so that it attracts potential customers. These designers mainly focus on the design of the site and not its creation.

A Web Developer vs a Web Designer: What’s The Difference?

At first glance, both of these jobs seem to be extremely similar. After all, both of these professionals are meant to build sites and get them up and running. But the truth of the matter is that these jobs have their own unique roles that they can excel in. You’ll need to know exactly how these jobs function if you want to choose the right one.

A good trick that you can use is to try looking at the specific skill sets that both of them are able to offer. By doing this you’ll be able to pinpoint the skills that you require.  First, let’s take a look at how a web developer can help you.

How Can a Web Designer Help You?

Designers help you to refine the design of your site and make it seamless. They will organize all of the content on your web page and work with you to come up with the best layout for your web page.

  • They will make your site look a lot better by customizing the design according to your preferences.
  • Web designers will be able to transform the layout of your site to make the content more attractive.
  • They will be able to take the info that you give them and tell you how to make your site more appealing to customers.

What Is The Main Purpose of a Web Developer?

Web developers will build your site up to make it as user-friendly and easy to access as possible. They are going to be the ones that will work on the main code for the site. There are many skills that web developers have, but their main ones include:

  • A web developer specializes in writing code and putting together features for your site.
  • They will be able to handle all the updates and debugging that is needed for the website’s maintenance.
  • Developers work with you throughout this process to ensure that you get the perfect site.
  • They typically possess all the skills from design to the coding of a web designer to get your website looking and working great.


Which is better web designer or web developer?

Both designers and developers can build a site from scratch. Designers lean more towards planning, and developers are stronger in implementing designs. While they can both build a fully functional site. Web developers have more diverse skills.

Can you be a Web designer and developer?

Yes! You can be both a designer and a developerMost developers are designers where designers may not all be developers.


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