Shopify Ecommerce: Creating a Custom Ecommerce Experience

By Michael J. Sammut

Shy Siren is owned and run by Sara K. Schwittek. If you ask her on any given day she will always say, she loves what she does for a living.  She should! Sara creates amazing jewelry for women and men to exude the Shy Siren in you.  The website needed an aesthetic to promote a mood and accentuate the photography.  Shy Siren has used other e-commerce solutions over the years as the company has grown. Shopify has proven to be a great solution.

Customizing the collections page for Shy Siren involved adding funnels directly under the navigation to assist is guiding users to new sections.


Additionally, we added product reviews to the product listing grid to further assist users in choosing what jewelry piece that may want to purchase.


Of course, the most critical page on an e-commerce website is the product page. For this, Four Eyes once again put his shop a phi e-commerce experience to work and create a fully custom made out with recommended products, photo gallery, chronic notes, and customer reviews.


The great thing about Shopify, similar to WordPress, is there is a myriad of themes to get the user started. However, for the more discerning client, these themes are merely a wireframe for the general layout direction. With Shopify, once we have a good layout direction we can then go into the templates and create the beautiful website the client envisions. For Shy Siren, this involved custom style sheets, modifying page layouts, custom product layout, the development of a vacation mode solution, and custom layout for collections. Shopify utilizes the “liquid“ coding language. It’s very straightforward and in many respects reminds me of old-style markup languages such as Cold Fusion.

At first brush the language looks very limiting, however, Shopify provides great training resources and code examples that can be used to modify the site to your heart’s desire.  Four Eyes loves working with Shopify and especially making our clients dreams into reality

Out of the box, Shopify is a very good e-commerce solution. Knowing the internal workings of the Shopify e-commerce platform enables Four Eyes to transform a good solution into the perfect solution for a client.

If you are interested in learning more about customizing your Shopify e-commerce store reach out we are happy to chat about Shopify Website design options.

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